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We provide friendly, licensed, & affordable junk removal in San Antonio TX. Demolition & removal work.

Are You Looking For A San Antonio Furniture Removal Service?

We Do The Lifting

A couch, chair, or dresser can be a pain to pick up and load up on your own. Why risk hurting your back or damaging you home picking these items up. We are fully trained in dealing with large items.

Save Time

You will need to call a friend, get a truck ready, tie down and strap your piece of furniture to haul it away. Why go through all that? We do all of that for you and save you the headache.

Proper Disposal

Made with many materials, furniture breaks down into many different items. Wood, fabric, metal, and plastics. We know of all the places to properly disposed of your items and recycle items whenever possible.

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Some Of Furniture We Remove In San Antonio TX

Couch Removal San Antonio

Couches & Sofas

We've all had that old couch at our house at one time or another. Maybe it's sitting in an empty room or collecting dust in your garage. When you've been fed up with it and need it gone, we haul it off for you.

Old Chairs

You've watched ballgames and movies while sitting back in that old chair. You dog and cat have also enjoyed its comfort. But, the time come when that old chair has got to go. We'll toss it for you.

Patio Furniture Removal San Antonio TX

Patio Furniture

That old Texas sun can will eventually beat down even the sturdiest of patio furniture. When that old set needs replacing, we're the crew to call to remove that old set off your property.

Office Furniture

Office Furniture Removal

Got an old desk or chair at your in home office or place of business that need removing? We can help with that too. We got all the room on our trucks to load up several office-worths of furniture.

kitchen table removal San Antonio

Kitchen Table & Chairs

You've served many-o-dinners on that old table. Little Johnny's down his homework for year on it too. But, all items need replacing eventually. Call us to remove that old table when you get a new one.

Storage Units Item Removal

All Types Of Furniture

Maybe you got an old entertainment center, an old coffee table, a dresser, or bookshelves you just don't need anymore. We haul away all types of furniture. We even load up old mattresses.

Steps For Our Furniture Removal In San Antonio TX…

#1 Contact Us

When you need your old furniture removed, schedule a free quote today by calling us at (210) 465-5991 or filling out our convenient email form.

#3 We Give You A Quote

Once we know the itme or items you need removed, we will be happy to give you a FREE estimate on the loading up, hauling, and disposal.

#4 We Remove It

Once the old furniture has been removed, we clean up the area where it was sitting, and you are 100% happy with the work, we will then proceed with payment collection.

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