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We provide friendly, licensed, & affordable bulk item pick up in San Antonio, Texas

Looking For Bulk Item Pick Up In San Antonio Junk Removal Service?

Save Your Back

Why risk hurting yourself or damaging property lifting and loading a large item yourself? Let us do the lifting for you. We got the manpower and tools to handle any large bulky item with ease.

Save Time

Hauling away takes up a lot of time. You need to get a truck or trailer ready. You need to find someone to help you pick it up. You need to secure it and haul it away. Save all that time and headache by having us do it.

Fast & Affordable

We work quickly and get things off your property in no time. Although bulky items tend to have extra costs to dispose of, we do it in large quantities which saves us money. We pass on those savings to our customers.

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Some Of The Bulk Items We Pick Up In San Antonio TX

Storage Shed Removal San Antonio

Storage Sheds

These units come in plastic, wood, and metal. When it's time to get rid of yours that is no longer in use, we have the tools and equipment to quickly break them down and haul them away.

Trampoline Removal San Antonio TX

Trampoline & Playgrounds

Once the center piece of your kids enjoyment. Once they grow up, they sit there collecting dirt and taking up space. We can break down these bulky items, load them up, and haul them away.

Illegal Dumping San Antonio TX

Illegal Dumping

If so inconsiderate person has dumped off a large item illegally on your property, we can help remove it. We take it all. Any size, any shape, any condition items you don't want. we take.

Commercial Bulk Item Removal

Business & Office Items

We work hand in hand with local businesses to help them get rid of large items. Whether you have old office furniture that needs to go or you have a business with a large item taking up space, we help remove any and all items.

Storage Units Item Removal

Storage Units

If your storage unit has left over bulky items that a tenant has left over, we are happy to swing by and load them up. Large items like beds or a small leftover chair, we take all. Picking up all types of furniture is something we also do.

Kitchen Sink Removal

Even A Kitchen Sink

Look, we all have had that weird bulky item on our property sitting around taking up space. We don't care what size or shape it is. We can load up anything and free up space. Call us today for our bulk item pick up.

Steps That You Can Expect With Our Bulk Item Pick Up…

#1 Contact Us

When it's time to get your bulk item removed, schedule a free quote today by calling us at (210) 465-5991 or filling out our convenient email form.

#2 We Go Take A Look

We'll call 15 to 30 minutes before to let you know when we’ll arrive in order not to interrupt any other things you got going on.

#3 We Give You A Quote

Once we've arrived, our professional team will take a look at your large bulk items and provide you with an upfront price for hauling and removal.

#4 We'll Pick It Up

Once the items have been removed, our professional team will make sure to clean up the area. We'll then proceed with payment collection once everything is done.

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If you are in need of a helping hand with a bulk item pickup in San Antonio, we have the manpower and equipment to get it done. NX Junk & Demo Removal works with businesses and homeowners in helping free up space. Call us today to schedule a pick-up.

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