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We provide friendly, licensed, & affordable junk removal in San Antonio TX. Demolition & removal work.

Looking For Construction Debris Removal In San Antonio TX?

Leave It To Us

You have a time frame for the completion of your construction project. Why waste any time with clean up and debris removal. Let us handle that time consuming dirty work.

Save Time

Picking up and cleaning up is one of the most time consuming and non producing things with a project. We have the crews and equipment to make short work of a construction site clean up.


With contruction projects its all about saving time and lbor cost makes you profitable. This is why having a 3rd party that come in to quickly clean things up can save you money in the long run.

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Types Of Construction Debris Removal In San Antonio TX

Room Remodeling

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Nothing quite improves the look of a home like a fresh kitchen & bathe remodel. We are here to help not just demo it but also remove and haul away all of the debris from a project.

Old Flooring

Old Flooring

Replacing carpet or old flooring? Remove it is pretty fast. Getting rid of the mess? Not so much. We can help with clean up, sweeping it up, and hauling it all away to make room for the new.

Concrete Removal

Getting that driveway replaced? First you gotta tear out the old and these means big chunks of concrete that need to go. We got the gear and trucks to load up these heavy loads.

Brick & Wall Removal

Construction Job Sites

We can come in and quickly remove left over construction debris from any job site. Drywall, scrap lumber, roofing materials, siding, stucco, left over electrical cable, bulky items and even trash. We remove it all.

Construction Debris Removal

Complete Remodels

If you are doing a complete overhaul and remodel of a room, we got you covered with all of the clean up. You have a lot of work to do. Don't waste any time with the clean up. We can do it!

Home Remodel Clean Up

All Types Of Clean Up

We are here to handle it all. Any type of construction debris removal needed here in San Antonio, we can handle. In fact we often do much of the demolition of these projects. Clean ups are a breeze for us.

Steps When Contacting Our Construction Debris Removal Service…

#1 Contact Us

When it is time to start your construction clean up, give us a call (210) 465-5991 or filling out our convenient email form to get a free quote on our costs.

#2 We Go Take A Look

We will swing by and take a quick look and the amount of debris that needs to be clean up.

#3 We Give You A Quote

Once we've arrived, our professional team will take a look at your construction debris removal and give your free estimate on the work.

#4 We Do The Work

Once we get your approval and like our quote we get to work on the day and time we schedule the work. Once the iclea up is complete, we'll then proceed with payment collection.

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Are you a contractor or DIY homeowner looking for construction debris removal in San Antonio, TX? Look no further than the professional at NX Junk and Demolition Removal. We can tackle any size clean-up.

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